What Is A Tens Unit?

What Is A Tens Unit Device?

What is a tens unit exactly? What Is A Tens Unit Machine For?

If anyone is qualified to answer that question, it is me. I have been using tens units off-and-on for over ten years as part of my chronic pain management treatment.

For me personally, they provide me with relief for my nerve pain and, as a result, my muscle spasms.

If you suffer from nerve pain or muscle spasms, then you know just how painful these symptoms can be.

On the other hand, when relief happens, it can be almost blissful.

Most of us who suffer from chronic pain will try almost anything, like a tens unit, to get pain relief as part of a complete and comprehensive pain management program.

Before anyone uses something new, they should research the product and have their questions answered so they can make an informed decision as to whether or not a particular product is right for them.

The information below has been the result of my research, the instructional manual for my Tens 7000 Unit, and personal experience.

We are glad you decided to discover for yourself what a tens unit is before buying and using one.

Tens Unit Definition

A tens unit, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit (aka TENS or TNS), is a battery-operated electronic device used to stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes that ensures the whole range of transcutaneous applied currents used for nerve excitation.

How does a Tens Unit Work?

A tens unit has three basic parts: the device itself, leads, and electrodes that are attached to the skin. Once turned on, the device is able to control pulse width, intensity, the frequency of the pulses that are generated, and then sent to targeted areas.

Is a Tens Unit Safe?

My experience using a tens unit has proven to be safe; however, just like any other product, safety becomes an issue when used improperly or for purposes other than the manufacturer intended.

You should always consult a physician before using one, or any other device like it, especially those with health problems.

How Often Should I Use A Tens Unit?How long is it safe to use a Tens Unit?

Pain relief should occur shortly after the initial settings have been determined, though it could take longer.

A Tens Unit can be used for long periods of time, with a minimum average of 20-30 minutes; although, in some post-op cases, devices have been used for up to 36 hours.

Personally, I never use mine for more than 60 minutes at a time and no more than 4 times per day.

Again, these are my personal preference; each case will vary depending on the user.

You should consult with a physician before using in order to get an initial settings recommendation.

What are Tens Unit side effects?

The most common side effects are skin irritation (especially for those with sensitive skin) caused by electric pulses being too intense.

Furthermore, it is recommended that pregnant women do NOT use them, in addition to those with infusion pumps, pacemakers, defibrillators, and/or devices similar to these.

Please consult a physician before using.

What are the benefits of using a Tens Unit?

The benefits of using one are first and foremost pain relief caused by pinched, damaged, or inflamed nerves.

The device is a noninvasive treatment, does not require ingesting pills, plus they are battery operated and portable so they can be used anywhere.

What is the best Tens Unit?

For my money, the best tens unit is the Roscoe Medical Tens 7000 2nd Edition Tens Unit. This tens unit has sold over one million devices worldwide (including the 1st edition). I say this because after researching the top tens units we purchased three and I put them through their paces. The Tens 7000 proved to be the best tens unit for me for a number of reasons, including;

  • Dual-channel capability
  • Five mode capability (burst, modulation, regular, strength-duration 1, and strength-duration 2)
  • It’s portable
  • It’s reputation (4.5-star rating on Amazon, one million units sold)
  • Its price ($26.99 at Amazon)

If you are in need of a new tens unit I highly recommend you read our in-depth Tens 7000 review, which includes my personal video review and is our choice for the best tens unit 2019.

*Note: This is only my opinion. I am not a physician and this information is not intended to be medical advice. Please consult with your physician before using any new medical device and follow the instructions provided.

Where can I buy a Tens Unit?

where can I buy a tens unit onlineI bought my Tens 7000 Tens Unit on Amazon but since they are now sold over-the-counter, you can find them at most major drugstores like Walmart, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens, etc.


For me, the benefits of using my tens unit have far outweighed the negatives.

In fact, my only negative experience was the result of my own actions because I fell asleep and left the machine on for two hours! You can bet that’s never happened again.

They come in all price ranges. If your physician recommends one for you, then I suggest you do look at reviews of tens units before buying one because the most expensive one may not be the best one for you.

Before you start using your new Tens Unit, make sure to read the instruction manual that came with it so you know exactly how to safely and properly use it.

My wish for you is that you find the pain relief you are looking for without with the least amount of side effects and outlaying of your hard earned money.


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