Pet Hair Cleaning Tips

Best Pet Hair Cleaning Tips

Pet Hair Cleaning Is Never Easy but It Can Be Easier


Both Willi and I have owned pets off-and-on since our childhoods and one of the only drawbacks we have faced is pet hair.

Currently, she owns two beautiful, white long-haired cats and I own three awesome rescue dogs who are my constant companions that I consider family.

Willi’s cats shed like crazy as do two of my dogs, though Paisley is by far the worst offender of all our pets.

Back in the day, cleaning pet hair was pretty limited to vacuuming, but the vacuums of yesteryear were heavy, cumbersome and very limited when it came to cleaning pet hair.

Fast forward to 2019 when we now have a plethora of vacuums that make cleaning pet hair a breeze – provided it is done on a regular basis so it never gets out of hand.

In addition, there are other ways to help us manage the amount of hair our pets shed and the overall pet hair cleaning process.

It is a proven fact that regular upkeep and maintenance of our pets, more specifically dogs and cats, promotes better overall health and drastically reduces the amount of hair they shed.

Our four best pet hair cleaning tips: Best Pet Hair Cleaning Tips

  1. Diet and Nutrition – Believe it or not, what we feed our pets can help reduce shedding. A proper diet consists of vitamins and nutrients that help develop and maintain healthy coats of fur, which in turn lowers shedding.
  2. Exercise – Diet, and exercise go hand-in-hand. Regular exercise is essential to the overall health and wellbeing of our pets. Just like a proper diet provides vitamins and nutrients, regular and proper exercise give our pets the opportunity to put those vitamins and nutrients to good use, allowing our pets to thrive and be in the best health possible. If a good diet and exercise are beneficial for pet owners then it is good for pets too.
  3. Grooming – Okay, this is a no-brainer. Daily grooming of our pets will dramatically reduce the amount of hair our pets shed. Proper grooming consists of regular shampoos and haircuts in conjunction with daily brushing using a pet hair brush or glove.

Pet vacuum – As I mentioned above, vacuums have come along way since I was a child. There are now vacuums that are designed to effectively clean pet hair and the Shark Pet-Perfect II Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum is our favorite.

We have both tested this vacuum and found that it is the best for cleaning pet hair. We are currently shooting a batch of video reviews that will be posted here on site, and the Shark Pet-Perfect II will be one of our first ones.


Even if you follow our first three pet hair cleaning tips, your pet will still shed some. The point is to be as proactive as possible to reduce the amount of fur your pets shed.

And, when you do have to clean pet hair, you can depend on modern technology to lend you a helping a hand and make your job that much easier.

On a side note

We ask that you give your pets the best care possible because, at the end of the day, they cannot take care of themselves and depend on us to give them the healthiest and happiest life possible.

And lastly, if and when you find yourself wanting a new pet, please consider looking at your local pet shelter for your new family member.

Each day thousands of animals are killed because someone decided they no longer wanted them or they managed to escape their homes.

I can personally attest to the love and gratitude rescued animals show their new owner, and it is some of the best love a person can ask for.

The next time you’re looking to add to your family, head on over to your local animal shelter and save a life…you’ll be happy that you did!






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